Non-Extraction Orthodontics

(Gnathologic Orthopedics Orthodontics)

Orthodontic-Orthopedic treatment may utilize a removable appliance called a Crozat. The appliance is fabricated with either acrylic, metal wires or both. Crozat Orthodontics Is an approach to the treatment of orthodontic problems for both the child and the adult patient. We strive to preserve the patient’s natural dentition (teeth) with non-extraction orthopedic techniques and holistic concepts that help develop the jaws to accommodate all of the patient’s permanent teeth. We avoid invasive procedures such as extraction and orthognathic surgery whenever possible.

The applicance utilizes function (chewing, swallowing and rest oral posture) in combination with light forces on the teeth to create changes in the underlying bone. Finished cases always show larger dental arches, both upper and lower, that not only result in superior esthetics, but also allow for more tongue space, which may improve breathing, and help alleviate sleep-disordered breathing. The main appliance used by Dr. Olson is an all wire, removable Crozat appliance along with standard straight wire braces to level and align the teeth.

Crozats have many advantages over alternative techniques:

  • Esthetics – The Crozat can be very inconspicuous or “invisible.” It is also removable, when necessary, for special occasions.
  • Orthopedic effects – The Crozat is used to affect the underlying bone, as well as the tooth positions. This orthopedic effect can widen the bone that support the teeth.
  • Comfort – Few orthodontic appliances are as comfortable to wear full-time as the Crozat. By comparison, braces or larger plastic appliances are harder to get used to, harder to speak with, harder to keep clean, and not as comfortable.
  • Speech – It’s much easier to learn to speak normally with Crozats than with most alternatives.
  • Hygiene – Crozats are removable for cleaning, and allow beautiful healthy tissues.
  • Stability – Treating young kids may allow teeth to come in straight to an arch that has room, instead of coming in crooked and needing to be straightened later.
  • Active and Retentive – The same appliance can often be used for active treatment and for retention. This can allow future modifications when necessary – and it’s very comfortable as a retainer.
  • Excellent Retention – Properly made and fitted, Crozats stay in very well!
  • Easily Modified and Adjusted
  • Adults and Children have benefited from Crozat treatment.
  • Reduces time in braces – When braces are necessary, adults can often begin treatment with the (more comfortable, hygienic, esthetic) Crozat, and reduce the time necessary to wear braces
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